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FoShan Team Leader Precision Machine CO.,LTD

  FoShan Team Leader Precision Machine CO.,LTD founded in 1999, is seated in Shunde District Foshan City who is prestigious for "country of woodworker in Southchina". Its predominant surroundings, convenient transportation and abundant economy endow it with the particular district predominance and the essential record of woodworker technology. The staff research uniformly and finally make out the automatic alloy sharpener, which was named TianLida. And it has nearly reached Germany outstanding level of woodworker in many technology fields, and also take up the one-up station in the same Industry internally after absorb world wide advanced technology, such as from German.

  Woodworker product and its Industry are traditional and antiquated in our country, but it flourished after integrated with advanced woodworker mechanism facility and forward capacious development foreground. Saw blade is the hard core among the many woodworker facilities; its quality affects the woodworker products’ capability, while the quality of saw blade basically depends on automatic sharpener. TianLida has been striving on the first rate and most superior sharpener since the foundation date, and is pursuing its perfection and innovation with the requirements of high efficiency, economy, secure and eminent quality. One dollar you pay, one dollar you get, finally large scaled production came into being , whole set advanced production facility was posed, and full experience and innovative production researcher was dig out. TianLida automatic alloy sharpener also keeps ahead in this region with its high quality and it evoked all the customers’ accredit and recognition with its capability, high precision and speed. Its production penetrated into international market such as Southeast Asia, and brought a new world both internal and external.

  Product is the basic factor in the competitive market for any enterprise, but not only the product but also the diathesis is the decisive factor in the market. Only because of this cognition, Tianlida always emphasizes on cultivating its staff’s diathesis, predominates on the advanced technology and assures the professional service. It attends to the new technology, new design and new products basic on the scientific management. At present, TianLida automatic alloy sharpener can all kinds of saw blade that could apply the aluminum alloy, woodworker and plastic board. It also can make non-standardized sharpener product as to customers’ requirements.

   In the 21st century, TianLIda will be always oriented on technology innovation and market development, and get the customers’ entrust and support with its excellent service. It will innovate and go ahead with professional technology and full experience and also with its continuous pursue and insistence. It will bring forward higher grade products to all the new and old customers, and contribute itself to our country’s woodworker industry.

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